Michael Wong

Michael is the Vice President of Research and Development at Codeplay Software. He is now a member of the open consortium group known as Khronos, MISRA, and AUTOSAR and is Chair of the Khronos C++ Heterogeneous Programming language SYCL, used for GPU dispatch in native modern C++ (14/17), OpenCL, as well as guiding the research and development teams of ComputeSuite, ComputeAorta/ComputeCPP. For twenty years, he was the Senior Technical Strategy Architect for IBM compilers.

He is the Canadian Head of Delegation to the ISO C++ Standard and a past CEO of OpenMP. He is also a founding member of the ISO C++ Directions group, and a Director and VP of ISOCPP.org, and Chair of all Programming Languages for Canada’s Standard Council. He also participates in ISO SC42 on AI and ML. He has so many titles, it’s a wonder he can get anything done.

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