CppCast is regularly hosted by:

Phil Nash

Phil is the original author of Catch2, a regular speaker at conferences, trainer, organizer of C++ on Sea and the C++ London meet-up, and Developer Advocate at SonarSource.

Timur Doumler

Timur Doumler is the co-host of CppCast and an active member of the ISO C++ standard committee, where he is currently co-chair of SG21, the Contracts study group. Timur started his journey into C++ in computational astrophysics, where he was working on cosmological simulations. He then moved into the audio and music technology industry, where he has been working for over a decade and co-founded the music tech startup Cradle. In the past, Timur also worked for JetBrains, first as a developer on CLion's C++ parser and later as a Developer Advocate for C++ developer tools. Currently, Timur lives in Finland, where he works as an independent consultant and organises the monthly C++ Helsinki meetup.

We also have past and occasional co-hosts:

Anastasia Kazakova

As a C and C++ software developer, Anastasia Kazakova created real-time *nix-based systems and pushed them to production for 8 years. She worked as an intern in Microsoft Research, Networking department, outsourced in Telecom, and launched the 4G network. She has a passion for networking algorithms and embedded programming and believes in good tooling. With all her love for C++, she is now the Product Marketing Manager on the JetBrains C++ tools and .NET marketing teams.

Conor Hoekstra

Conor is a Senior Library Software Engineer at NVIDIA working on the RAPIDS team. He is extremely passionate about programming languages, algorithms and beautiful code. He is the founder and organizer of the Programming Languages Virtual Meetup and he has a YouTube channel. He also recently announced at Meeting C++ & C++ Russia that he is starting a podcast with Bryce Adelstein Lelbach called the Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs Podcast.

Guy Davidson

Guy Davidson ~~is~~was the Head of Engineering Practice at Creative Assembly, makers of the Total War franchise, Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2. Guy has been writing games since the early 1980s. He is now also a contributor to the C++ standardisation process, particularly through SG14, the study group devoted to low latency, real time requirements, and performance/efficiency especially for Games, Financial/Banking, and Simulations, and to SG13, the HMI study group, as well as LEWG, the Library Evolution Working Group. He is trying to get a matrix class into the standard. He speaks at schools, colleges and universities about programming and likes to help good programmers become better programmers.

JeanHeyd Meneide

JeanHeyd "ThePhD" is a student at Columbia University in New York and an organizer for Shepherd's Oasis, LLC. They are the Project Editor for the C Language, and they manage their greatest open-source contribution -- sol2 -- that is used across many industries and academic disciplines. They are currently working towards earning their own nickname, climbing the academic ladder while spending as much time as possible contributing to C++ standardization and development. Their newest and biggest project is Unicode for C++. Learn more about JeanHeyd's work at their website, and more about Shepherd's Oasis through their website.

They very much love dogs and hopes to have their own in a year or so. They also like TWRP's "Feels Pretty Good" from the album Together Through Time.

Matt Godbolt

Matt is a developer at trading firm Aquatic. Before that he's worked at Google, run a C++ tools company, and spent over a decade in the games industry making PC and console games. He is fascinated by performance and created Compiler Explorer, to help understand how C++ code ends up looking to the processor. When not performance tuning C++ code he enjoys writing emulators for 8-bit computers in Javascript.

Rob Irving

Rob Irving is a Software Engineer with Sierra Nevada Corporation in Holly Springs, NC. He started the CppCast podcast in February 2015, frustrated by the lack of podcast content for C++ development.

A believer in continuous education, he loves learning about new technologies, often through podcasts!

Jason Turner

Jason has been developing portable C++ since 2002. With very few exceptions, every line of code he has written since then has had to run on multiple platforms. He is an independent contractor and trainer focusing on cross-platform issues, utilization of C++ libraries from scripting languages and code quality assurance. He is the co-creator and maintainer of ChaiScript, a mature scripting language designed for modern C++. He is also the creator and curator of cppbestpractices.com an effort to gather the collective wisdom of the C++ community.

Contact Jason if you are interested in having on-site C++ training for your company.