SYCL 2020

Posted on Thursday, Jul 2, 2020
Rob and Jason are joined by Michael Wong from CodePlay. They first discuss GCC 11 changing its default dialect to C++17 and polymorphic allocators. Then Michael shares an announcement of a new version of SYCL that was just released. And shares information about the multiple standards groups he is a member or chair of.


Michael Wong

Michael Wong

Michael is the Vice President of Research and Development at Codeplay Software. He is now a member of the open consortium group known as Khronos, MISRA, and AUTOSAR and is Chair of the Khronos C++ Heterogeneous Programming language SYCL, used for GPU dispatch in native modern C++ (14/17), OpenCL, as well as guiding the research and development teams of ComputeSuite, ComputeAorta/ComputeCPP. For twenty years, he was the Senior Technical Strategy Architect for IBM compilers.

He is the Canadian Head of Delegation to the ISO C++ Standard and a past CEO of OpenMP. He is also a founding member of the ISO C++ Directions group, and a Director and VP of, and Chair of all Programming Languages for Canada’s Standard Council. He also participates in ISO SC42 on AI and ML. He has so many titles, it’s a wonder he can get anything done.


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