Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith comes to mobile development & entrepreneurship with a background in Software Engineering for companies like Nokia & Google, and over a decade of mobile device experience.

She builds on a love of game development since creating Dungeons & Dragons modules on her own web-server while studying for a BSc (Comp Sci) in the late 90's. Realizing a goal to develop independent games & apps, Sarah opened Smithsoft in 2012.

In January 2016 development went to the next level with Sarah moving to The Coterie (Brisbane's premier creative co-working space) to set up a studio as Smithsoft Games. The new studio's first title Pandora's Books was developed by Sarah and her team of part-time collaborators through 2016.

In 2017 Sarah founded Artlife Solutions Pty Ltd with a team out of the Creative Startup Weekend, winning first prize there, going on to win a spot in Collider Accelerator 2017. Currently working on Sortal - the startup's revolutionary AI powered photo software - Sarah is responsible for all things tech including the scalable architecture, mobile implementation and deep-learning technology.

Sarah is an international speaker and expert in creative teams and agile projects; mobile development and technical architecture for apps. She has worked for a decade in her discretionary time on diversity in hiring and helping women coders.

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