Niels Lohmann

Niels is a software engineer with nearly two decades of experience in C++ and Python.

He began his career in academia, developing memory-critical verification tools, and earned his PhD from TU Eindhoven in the Netherlands and the University of Rostock in Germany. In 2014, he transitioned to the automotive software industry, where he worked on a variety of production projects, including embedded navigation libraries, streaming data backends, and most recently, in-car games.

He is best known for his development of “JSON for Modern C++”, an open-source, C++11 single-header library to use JSON as a first-class data type in C++. This project ranks among the top 20 most popular C++ projects on GitHub and is utilized across various industries including FAANG, automotive, gaming, and aerospace.

He lives in Berlin and currently works as an engineering lead for a German automotive company where he manages an awesome team developing immersive apps and games for Mercedes-Benz.

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