Günter Obiltschnig

Günter is the founder of the POCO C++ Libraries and macchina.io open source projects. He has been programming computers since age 12. In his career he has programmed everything from 8-bit home computers (C64, MSX) to IBM big iron systems (COBOL and JCL, VM/CMS and CICS), various Unix systems, OpenVMS, Windows NT in its various incarnations, the Mac (classic Mac OS and OS X), to embedded devices and iPhone/iPad. He has a diploma (MSc. equivalent) in Computer Science from the University of Linz, Austria.

His current main interests are embedded systems, cross-platform C++ development, JavaScript and, foremost, the Internet of Things. When not working, he spends time with his family or enjoys one of his hobbies — sailing, running, swimming, skiing, listening to or making music, and reading.

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