Andrew Pardoe

Andrew started working at Microsoft in 2002. He worked for the C++ team for exactly five years, first on testing the Itanium optimizer and then on the Phoenix compiler platform. He left in 2007 to become a PM on the CLR team (the C# runtime). Andrew left that job about two years ago and through the magic of corporate reorgs ended up as the C++ compiler PM.

In his role at Microsoft Andrew pays attention to pretty much everything without a GUI: the compiler front end/parser, code analysis, and a little bit to the optimizer. He also owns the tools acquisition story—such as the VC++ Build Tools SKU and updating to latest daily drops through NuGet—and Clang/C2. The Clang/C2 work is what ties Andrew into the Islandwood team, and the code analysis work focuses mostly on the C++ Core Guidelines checkers.

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