Alfred Bratterud

Alfred has been doing research towards IncludeOS since 2013, and got a PhD scholarship based on the early work in 2014. The IEEE CloudCom paper introducing the IncludeOS prototype was published in 2015 and he spun out a startup around IncludeOS in 2016, in collaboration with Oslo and Akershus university college (the largest institution for engineering education in Norway). He's currently focusing 100% on developing IncludeOS from research experiment to a production ready platform for cloud services.

Alfred holds BSc and MSc in computer science, with focus on logic and computability, from the university of Oslo. He has 10+ years of industrial programming experience, mostly in web services. He's been working at Oslo university college since 2011, teaching various subjects ranging from operating systems, sysadmin and firewalls to web development. He started learning C++ when he took over a C++ course at the college in 2011. A very good year to start C++.

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