Packs and Pipelines

Posted on Thursday, Mar 5, 2020
Rob and Jason are joined by Barry Revzin. They first discuss a blog post about how to declare a class’s data members and methods. They then discuss some of his contributions to C++20 including some necessary fixes to spaceship operator, and some proposals he is working on for C++23 including pack declaration and a new pipe operator.


Barry Revzin

Barry Revzin

Barry is a senior C++ developer at Jump Trading in Chicago, a research and technology driven trading firm. After programming for many years, he got really into the nuances and intricacies of C++ by being unreasonably active on StackOverflow, where is he is the top contributor in C++14, C++17, and C++20. A lot of his C++ knowledge comes from just answering questions that he doesn’t know the answers to, especially when he answers them incorrectly at first. His C++ involvement escalated when he started attending standards committee meetings, having written dozens of papers for C++20 and already a few hoping for C++23. Outside of the C++ world, Barry is an obsessive swimming fan. He writes fun data articles for SwimSwam and also does analytics for the DC Trident, a professional swim team with multiple Olympic Gold Medalists, including Katie Ledecky.


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