PVS-Studio Static Analysis

Posted on Thursday, Mar 12, 2020
Rob and Jason are joined by Yuri Minaev from PVS-Studio. They first discuss a blog posts on ISO’s recent decision not to break the C++ ABI in C++23 and getting rid of volatile in the Qt codebase. Then they talk to Yuri Minaev, one of the developers at PVS Studio working on the static analyzer. They discuss some of the forms of analysis that the tool excels at and how it’s changed the way Yuri programs.

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Yuri Minaev

Yuri Minaev

Yuri is working in the PVS-Studio company as one of developers of the C++ static analyzer. His primary responsibility is to keep low-level stuff in order and add new features to the core module. It’s been almost 2 years since he joined the team after about 12 years of IT experience. Apart from that, he periodically gives talks at various conferences - mainly on topics related to static analysis and C++. On his spare time, Yuri likes to program in C++, play some guitar, and sometimes hike around aimlessly.


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