Unicode Progress and C++/C Study Group

Episode 272, published Thursday, 05 Nov 2020

Rob and JeanHeyd are joined by Aaron Ballman and Peter Brett, both members of the ISO C++ committee. They first talk about an extension for Visual Studio and Visual Code for visualizing struct layout and a blog post proposing a safer boolean type. Then they talk about Aaron and Peter about progress being made at virtual ISO meetings and the upcoming virtual Plenary meeting.

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Aaron Ballman

Aaron has been a professional software developer for just under 20 years, most of which has been spent working on compilers of some sort. He currently works as a Sr Staff Compiler Engineer at Inte ...

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Peter Brett

Peter is currently based in Edinburgh, UK where he has been working on electronics design automation (EDA) software since 2006. He spent several years of his free time as the maintainer of the ope ...

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