Episode 307, published Thursday, 08 Jul 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Damien Buhl and Yannic Staudt from tipi.build. They first talk about a new text encoding library and whether const should be the default for variables. Then they talk about tipi.build, the Compiler-as-a-Service that understands C++ code and can build it without scripts.

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Damien Buhl

Damien (aka daminetreg) co-founder and CEO tipi.build is an enthusiast C++ developer. Opensource entrepreneur, CppCon Speaker, GameMaker.fr community founder, Qt for Android contributor, Boost.Fus ...

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Yannic Staudt

Yannic is co-founder and COO of tipi.build. As embedded engineer and polyglott software developper he developped many products from end-to-end and is currently busy building large parts of the fro ...

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