Swift and C++ Interoperability

Posted on Thursday, Mar 17, 2022
Dave Abrahams joins Rob and Jason. They first talk about JeanHeyd Meneid’s blog post on saving C’s ABI. Then they talk to Dave about his history as a founding contributor of boost and the current workgroup he is a part of to enable bidirectional interop between swift and C++.


Dave Abrahams

Dave Abrahams

Dave Abrahams is a contributor to the C++ standard, a founding contributor to Boost and the founder of BoostCon, and was a principal designer of the Swift programming language. He recently spent seven years at Apple, culminating in the creation of the declarative SwiftUI framework, worked at Google on Swift for TensorFlow, and is now a principal scientist at Adobe, where he and Sean Parent are rebooting the Software Technology Lab.

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