Posted on Thursday, Sep 10, 2020
Rob and Jason are joined by David Olsen from NVIDIA. They first discuss the news from the ISO Committee that C++20 has been approved and work on C++23 will continue virtually. Then they talk with David about his work on NVIDIA’s C++ compiler to run parallel algorithm code on the GPU and a proposal he’s working on to introduce 16-bit floats to standard C++.


David Olsen

David Olsen

David’s first job out of college in 1993 was working for several years on the front end of the Rational Software C++ compiler. Then he didn’t touch C++ at all for a couple decades, instead programming mostly in Java and C#, working on various software development tools and mobile apps. For the last four years, David has been the lead developer on the PGI C++ compiler, recently renamed to the NVIDIA HPC C++ compiler. He has been a member of the ISO C++ Standards Committee since November 2018.


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