New C++ Scope and Debugging Support

Posted on Thursday, Mar 10, 2022
René Ferdinand Rivera Morell joins Rob and Jason. They first talk about a new cmake initialization project and some projects in the C++ show and tell. Then they talk to René about his open letter to the C++ committee about expanding its scope to include tooling and other related technologies.

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René Ferdinand Rivera Morell

René Ferdinand Rivera Morell

René Ferdinand Rivera Morell is a Lead Programmer at Disbelief LLC doing game development consulting in products like Borderlands, Gears, Oculus, and more. He also spends his free time doing open source software like the Lyra command line parsing library, the Barbarian Conan repository index, and Boost Predef. He has been contributing to Boost for more than 20 years in various aspects, but specifically as the maintainer of “B2” the Boost build system. Additionally, he is a board member of the C++ Alliance, aiming to make C++ widely accessible and useful.


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