Expectations and Exceptions

Posted on Thursday, Aug 2, 2018
Rob and Jason are joined by Simon Brand to discuss his upcoming CppCon talks covering exceptions, value wrappers, debuggers and more.

Show Notes

Simon is a GPGPU toolchain developer at Codeplay Software in Edinburgh. He turns into a metaprogramming fiend every full moon, when he can be found bringing compilers to their knees with template errors and debating undefined behaviour on the C++ Slack channel. He co-organises the Edinburgh C++ user group and contributes to various programming standards bodies.

Outside of programming, he enjoys experimental films, homebrewing, and board games.


Simon Brand





Simon Brand

Simon Brand

Simon Brand is Microsoft’s C++ Developer Advocate. Their background is in compilers and debuggers for embedded accelerators, but they’re also interested in generic library design, metaprogramming, functional-style C++, undefined behaviour, and making our communities more welcoming and inclusive.


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