Difficult Bugs

Posted on Thursday, Dec 12, 2019
Rob and Jason are joined by Satabdi Das. They first discuss a new Visual Studio update and an article written by Bjarne Stroustrup. Then Satabdi talks about debugging and why it’s beneficial to write or give conference talks on difficult to fix bugs, she also talks about her work on a hardware emulator and static analyzers.


Satabdi Das

Satabdi Das

Satabdi has over 10 years of experience in C++. Currently she is working on a cloud based high performance file system in AWS. She has previously worked on an emulator, parser and static analyzer. She is also one of the co-founders of Boston Hack && Tell, a fun meetup for programmers to showcase their work. Long back she contributed to Gnome as an Outreachy intern. And not so long back she spent three months at Recurse Center learning assembly, debugger internals and distributed systems.



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