Posted on Thursday, Apr 16, 2020
Rob and Jason are joined by Andrew Leaver-Fay from UNC and Jack Maguire from Menten AI. They first discuss a proposal to update both C and C++ and create a unified common core for the languages. Then they talk to Andrew and Jack about Rosetta, a C++ protein modeling library, it’s history being ported from Fortran and some of its use cases such as creating HIV vaccines.

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Andrew Leaver-Fay

Andrew Leaver-Fay

Andrew Leaver-Fay is a Research Assistant Professor at UNC in the Department of Biochemistry. He got his BA from UVA in Philosophy and Cognitive Science and his PhD from UNC’s department of computer science. As a post-doc in Brian Kuhlman’s lab at UNC and later in David Baker’s lab at UW, he lead a team of developers in the rewrite and rearchitecturing of the Rosetta molecular modeling program into its current object oriented form, Rosetta3. He has worked on algorithm development, protein interface design and energy function improvement. He sits on the scientific advisory board for Dualogics, a small biotech spun out of the Kuhlman lab at UNC.

Jack Maguire

Jack Maguire

Jack started his career as a baby model and took an early retirement at the age of 1. He was first exposed to C++ while pursuing his Bachelors in Chemistry at the University of Rochester, where he wrote programs to predict and design RNA folding patterns. He recently completed his PhD at the University of North Carolina, where he wrote programs to predict and design protein folding patterns. Jack now works at Menten AI on a team that uses quantum computing and machine learning to superpower the Rosetta protein modeling software.


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