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Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Rob and Jason are joined by Robert Ramey to talk about the future of the Boost C++ Libraries.

Show Notes

Robert Ramey is a freelance Software Developer living in Santa Barbara, California. His long and varied career spans various aspects of software development including business data processing, product, embedded systems, custom software, and C++ library development. Lately, he has been mostly interested in C++ library design and implementation related to Boost. He is the author and maintainer of the Boost Serialization library and Boost library incubator


Robert Ramey



Robert Ramey

Robert Ramey

Robert Ramey is a freelance C++ programmer for around 20 years. He has worked on a variety of applications including desktop retail applications, embedded systems on tiny micro controllers and combinations of these. For the last 10 of those years he has been active in the Boost Organization and

  • Author and Maintainer of the Boost Serialization library
  • Instigator of the Boost Library Incubator (
  • Given talks on Boost/C++ related topics at C++Now and CPPCon
  • Written articles in print periodicals such as Software Development and ACCU Overload

Of late his interest has become more focused on practical approaches to improving program correctness. This has motivated recent talks at CPP Con ( boost units library, C++ and abstract algebra) and most recently the Safe Numerics library - which has very recently been accepted as an official Boost Library.

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