Reducing Memory Allocations

Posted on Friday, Mar 12, 2021
Rob and Jason are joined by Arnaud Desitter. They first discuss blog posts on parameter passing, fuzzing and push_back vs emplace_back. Then they talk to Arnaud Desitter about his successes improving application performance by reducing memory allocations found using heaptrack.


Arnaud Desitter

Arnaud Desitter

Arnaud Desitter is a senior software engineer based in Oxford with 25 years experience in scientific programming. He has a special interest in software reliability and optimisation. He holds a civil engineering MSc from École des Ponts ParisTech, France. He is a member of ACCU ( and has done several presentations at their conferences and local events. He has worked on reservoir simulators for the last 15 years. He cycles to work, currently midway through his third virtual trip round the world. In his spare time, he sails an old wooden dinghy on the river Thames.


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