Catch 2 and C++ the Community

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016
Rob and Jason are joined by Phil Nash, Developer Advocate at JetBrains, to talk about updates to the Catch Unit test library and new features coming to CLion and ReSharper for C++.

Show Notes

Phil started coding back in the early 80s, on 8-bit home computers: from the ZX-81 to the Commodore 64, in BASIC and assembler. He later moved on to PCs and C++ in the early 90s and, despite forays into other languages, keeps coming back to C++. His career has taken him through domains such as anti-virus, mobile, finance and developer tools - among others. He’s the original author of the C++ test framework, Catch and is now Developer Advocate at JetBrains for CLion, AppCode and ReSharper C++. His hobbies include writing podcast bios and trolling the podcast hosts.


Phil Nash


Phil Nash

Phil Nash

Phil has spent the last year and a half doing things that might sound interesting for the next time he’s interviewed on CppCast. He might have overdone it. Aside from that he’s most commonly known as the original author of the test framework, Catch2. He’s been in or around C++ since the early 90s, but started coding in 1981 on a ZX-81 that he borrowed for six months. He’s worked in many domains, including finance and mobile and is now developer advocate for C++ and Swift tools at JetBrains.

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