Posted on Thursday, Sep 28, 2017
Rob and Jason are joined by Patricia Aas to talk about Java and some of the similarities and differences between the Managed language and C++, she also talks about her work on the Vivaldi Browser.

Show Notes

Patricia has been a C++ programmer for 12 years. Currently she is working on the Vivaldi Browser. Previously she has worked on the Opera Browser, on embedded telepresence systems at Cisco and even did a two year stint as a Java consultant. She is passionate about learning and teaching, as well as trying to make the world in general and tech in particular, a more inclusive place.


Patricia Aas




Patricia Aas

Patricia Aas

Patricia Aas has spoken at conferences on subjects ranging from Sandboxing in Chromium to Vulnerabilities in C++. She has taught a range of subjects in Computer Science at the University of Oslo and is currently teaching “Intro to C on Linux” at a college in Oslo.

She has a masters degree in Computer Science and 14 years professional experience as a programmer, most of that time programming in C++. During that time she has worked in codebases with a high focus on security: two browsers (Opera and Vivaldi) and embedded Cisco telepresence systems. Currently she works as a trainer and consultant for the company TurtleSec, which she co-founded, which specializes in the intersection of programming and security.

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