C++ Object Model

Posted on Thursday, Dec 21, 2017
Rob and Jason are joined by Nicole Mazzuca to talk about the C++ Object Model, and some of the differences between Rust and C++.

Show Notes

Nicole is someone who’s thought a bit too much about object models and error handling. She started in C, moved to Rust, and then fell into C++ a year ago. She also loves coffee, and latte art.


Nicole Mazzuca




Nicole Mazzuca

Nicole Mazzuca

Nicole is a software engineer at Microsoft, working on the vcpkg package manager for C++. She graduated from Western Washington University in 2019 with a degree in mathematics, and was hired out of school by Microsoft to work on vcpkg. Since then, she both designed and implemented two of vcpkg’s major new features: manifests, and registries. She has been involved extensively with Rust in the past, and is a founding member and moderator for the #include<C++> community.

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