Becoming Involved With the C++ Committee

Posted on Thursday, Oct 24, 2019
Rob and Jason are joined by Nevin Liber from Argonne National Lab. They first discuss a blog post discussing issues implementing small buffer optimizations in a constexpr context. Then they talk with Nevin about how he got involved with the ISO C++ committee and some of the proposals he’s worked on.


Nevin :-) Liber

Nevin :-) Liber

Nevin “:-)” Liber is a computer scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, a C++ Committee member and a veteran C++ developer. He first discovered the language over three decades ago while at Bell Labs when a friend called and asked, “What do you know about C++? You folks invented it!”

His professional career has taken him across various industries and platforms: big data, low-latency, operating systems, embedded systems, telephony and now exascale computing, just to name a few. He spends much of his time pushing his peers, colleagues and friends to use modern C++ constructs along the way.

Looking to learn more about the language, he got involved with the C++ Committee and hosted both the C++ and C Standards meetings in Chicago. These days he frequently finds himself in the middle of the debates involving the more contentious parts of the Standard Library.



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