Modern C for Absolute Beginners

Posted on Thursday, Jan 6, 2022
Rob and Jason are joined by Slobodan Dmitrovic. They first talk about the latest update to the {fmt} library, another Raymond Chen blogpost, and a summary of ISO standardization progress made in 2021. Then they talk to Slobodan about his new book Modern C for Absolute Beginners.


Slobodan Dmitrović

Slobodan Dmitrović

Slobodan is a software development consultant, C and C++ trainer, and author of two programming books. He specializes in training, research and development, and consulting. Slobodan has been working as a professional software developer for more than twenty years. Since 2019 he has been dedicated to providing training and consulting services, speaking at conferences, and writing programming books. Slobodan provides C and C++ training services to corporate clients through his company.

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