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Posted on Thursday, Nov 12, 2020
Rob and Jason are joined by Joël Lamotte. They first talk about C++20 Modules support in GCC and MSVC and a micro benchmarking library. Then they talk to Joël about how he got involved in C++, and his experiences working on indie video games, robotics and his recent transition to the audio industry working on a web assembly powered website.


Joël Lamotte

Joël Lamotte

Joël Lamotte (aka “Klaim” online) is a programmer, game developer, musician and comics artist, among other things. His software engineer career revolves around game development and embedded software in various domains like robotics. Member of the C++ French User Group (CPPFrug) and helping with the organization of CPPP, he also tries to participate to the evolution of the C++ standard through feedback on papers.



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