Expression Templates

Posted on Monday, Oct 5, 2015
Rob and Jason are joined by Joel Falcou to discuss Expression Templates.

Show Notes

Joel Falcou is an assistant professor in France where he works on torturing compilers to get the best performance out of modern hardware. He’s an active member of the Boost community and CTO of NumScale, a start-up aligned with parallel processing tools.


Joel Falcou


Joel Falcou

Joel Falcou

Computer Science Engineer, PhD, Associate professor at University Paris Saclay, Joël Falcou is the creator and president of C++FrUG, C++ Meetup host and an International speaker. Joel has been actively participating in the C++ international community with more than 7 years of international talks at BoostCon, C++Now, C++Russia, C++Con and Meeting-C++. He is also a member of the C++Now and CppCon Program Committee. He is a member of the French National Body of the ISO Standard Committee for C++ since 2014.

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