Posted on Thursday, Jul 9, 2015
Rob and Jason are joined by JF Bastien to discuss WebAssembly.

Show Notes

JF Bastien is a compiler engineer and tech lead on Google’s Chrome web browser, currently focusing on performance and security to bring portable, fast and secure code to the Web. JF is a member of the C++ standards committee, where his mechanical engineering degree serves little purpose. He’s worked on startup incubators, business jets, flight simulators, CPUs, dynamic binary translation, systems, and compilers.


JF Bastien


JF Bastien

JF Bastien

JF Bastien is the C++ lead for Apple’s clang front-end, where he focuses on new language features, security, and optimizations. He’s an active participant in the C++ standards committee, where he chairs the Language Evolution Working Group Incubator (“oogie” for short). He previously worked on WebKit’s JavaScriptCore Just-in-Time compiler, on Chrome’s Portable Native Client, on a CPU’s dynamic binary translator, and on flight simulators.

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