CRTP and Israel Joining the C++ ISO

Posted on Thursday, Nov 7, 2019
Rob and Jason are joined by Inbal Levi. They first discuss some news including a new C++20 unit testing framework and Microsoft bringing ASAN to Visual Studio. Then Inbal talks about the Curiously Recurring Template Pattern and her efforts to start an Israel National Body for the C++ ISO Committee.


Inbal Levi

Inbal Levi

Inbal Levi is a C++ enthusiast. She’s an embedded software developer with a passion for high performance, working on real-time Linux based systems. She also makes it a habit to dive into new OS projects whenever she can. Inbal lives in Tel Aviv and has recently traveled to Denver, to give a talk at the Back to basics track at CppCon, hoping to infect newcomers with her passion for cpp. Inbal is part of the Israeli c++ developers community, which makes its first steps in the international cpp world. In addition, she is also part of the organizing committee for the CoreCpp2020 conference, and actively trying to bring new people into cpp world.



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