Improving Performance

Posted on Thursday, Jul 15, 2021
Rob and Jason are joined by Ivica Bogosavljevic from Johny’s Software Lab. They first talk about an open sourced 3d game engine and C++ documentation tools. Then they talk to Ivica Bogosavljevic from Johny’s Software Lab where he writes about methods to improve performance in C++ applications.


Ivica Bogosavljevic

Ivica Bogosavljevic

Ivica (pronounced Ih-v-ee-t-s-aa) is a senior Software Engineer with 10 years of experience active in the domain of Linux and bare-metal based embedded systems. His professional focus is application performance improvement - techniques used to make your C/C++ program run faster by using better algorithms, better exploiting the underlying hardware, and better usage of the standard library, programming language, and the operating system. He is a founder of “Johny’s Software Lab”, a consulting company that helps developers and development teams increase the performance of their software. He is also a writer for a performance-related tech blog:


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