Posted on Friday, Feb 18, 2022
Howard Butler joins Rob and Jason. They first talk about an announcement from Swift on a C++ interoperability workgroup. Then they talk to Howard Butler about the C++ Geospatial libraries GDAL and PDAL, and his involvement with geospatial development.


Howard Butler

Howard Butler

Howard Butler is the founder and president of Hobu, Inc., an open source software consultancy located in Iowa City, Iowa that focuses on point cloud data management solutions. He is an active participant in the ASPRS LAS Committee, a Project Steering Committee member of both the PROJ and GDAL open source software projects, a contributing author to the GeoJSON specification, and a past member of the OSGeo Board of Directors. With his firm, Howard leads the development of the PDAL and Entwine open source point cloud processing and organization software libraries.


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