Modernizing DOSBox

Posted on Friday, Jun 18, 2021
Rob and Jason are joined by Patryk Obara. They first talk about in Visual Studio 2019 and a Trip Report from Herb Sutter on the Summer ISO meeting. Then they talk to Patryk Obara about the dosbox project itself and the dosbox staging repository where he’s been working to modernize dosbox.


Patryk Obara

Patryk Obara

Patryk Obara is Poland-based polyglot programmer. During his 13 years of professional experience he worked on various C++-based projects, like: Opera browser, middleware software for Nokia networking products, and recently on VoIP software products for Metaswitch/Microsoft. He’s also a maintainer of several open-source projects and drive-by contributor to many more. Aside from C++ he enjoys programming in C, Rust, Python OCaml, and even weirder languages like e.g. Prolog.


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