WebAssembly and nxxm

Episode 170, published Friday, 12 Oct 2018

Rob and Jason are joined by Damien Buhl to discuss the current state of WebAssembly, nxxm and the belle::vue library.

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Damien was a Qt on Android Contributor which he presented at Droidcon 2011 in Berlin. He maintains ADAPT_STRUCT and Boost.Fusion. For a long time Damien worked for a 100 year old IoT company and now works on nxxm. He has a passion for C++ and JavaScript.


Damien Buhl





Damien Buhl

Damien (aka daminetreg) co-founder and CEO tipi.build is an enthusiast C++ developer. Opensource entrepreneur, CppCon Speaker, GameMaker.fr community founder, Qt for Android contributor, Boost.Fus ...

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