Episode 345, published Thursday, 14 Apr 2022

Diana Ojeda from Intel and Stephanie Brenham from Ubisoft join Rob and Jason. They first talk about the upcoming Pure Virtual C++ conference, an update to WxWidgets and Apple's release of a Metal interface for C++. Then they talk to Diana and Stephanie about the upcoming CppNorth conference, how they got involved and much more.

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Diana Ojeda

Diana is a design engineer at Intel currently working on the timing model of FPGAs. She spent a few years in the academic world studying the combinatorics of infinite structures after completing h ...

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Stephanie Brenham

Stephanie Brenham is a 3D Team Lead Programmer at Ubisoft Toronto. She most recently worked on Far Cry 6, which was the winner of the 2021 Navgtr award for Outstanding Graphics. In her role, she i ...

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