CppCon Lightning Interviews

Episode 169, published Thursday, 04 Oct 2018

Rob and Jason give a brief trip report of CppCon before being joined by several guests who gave Lightning Talks at CppCon 2018.

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Anastasia Kazakova

As a C and C++ software developer, Anastasia Kazakova created real-time *nix-based systems and pushed them to production for 8 years. She worked as an intern in Microsoft Research, Networking depa ...

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Timur Doumler

Timur Doumler is a C++ developer specializing in audio and music technology, active member of the ISO C++ committee, and part of the includecpp.org team. He is passionate about building communitie ...

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Phil Nash

Phil is the original author of Catch2, regular speaker at conferences, trainer, organizer of C++ on Sea and the C++ London meet-up, co-host of cpp.chat and No Diagnostic Required podcasts, and rec ...

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Staffan Tjernström

Staffan has been busting latency issues since the mid-80's. These days he's a C++ subject expert at Susquehanna International Group, where he spends his days working in an MSVC environment using P ...

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Matthew von Arx

Matthew von Arx has been working in Satellite Communications for 9 years, and has always had a focus on Software Engineering. This has grown into a passion for C++.

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Tony Wasserka

Tony Wasserka is a freelance software developer based in Berlin, Germany. He works on low-level software like operating systems (kernels and drivers alike) and firmware for embedded systems. His m ...

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Jens Weller

Jens Weller is the organizer and founder of Meeting C++. Doing C++ since 1998, he is an active member of the C++ Community. From being a moderator at c-plusplus.de and organizer of his own C++ Use ...

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Anny Gakh

Anny Gakh is a software developer who is currently completing her undergrad at UBC, Vancouver. She has previously interned at Monexa, Nvidia and Mozilla.

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Borislav Stanimirov

Borislav Stanimirov is mainly a C++ programmer but als enjoys learning new langauges. He has written a lot of Ruby and likes playing with Nim, D, lua, MoonScript, Haskell, Lisp, Mathematica, and m ...

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Ezra Chung

Ezra Chung is a recent graduate working as a Software Engineer for the Simulation Team at FlightSafety International. A C++ enthusiast; enjoys teaching modern C++ via online C++ communities such a ...

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Jean-Louis Leroy

Jean-Louis Leroy is the author of yomm2, a library that implements open multi-methods. See https://github.com/jll63/yomm2

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