Posted on Friday, Apr 16, 2021
Rob and Jason are joined by David Millington from Embarcadero. They first discuss a blog post on Thread Sanitizer and a very unique implementation of unique_ptr. Then they talk to David Millington from Embarcadero about C++ Builder, it’s history and the state of the tool today. Including some of its extensions built into their version of Clang.


David Millington

David Millington

David is an Australian developer. Originally from the island of Tasmania, where in true Aussie style his family had a small sheep farm, today he lives in far northern Europe in Estonia. He began programming with a BBC microcomputer, and was hired for his first programming job, using C++, without ever having used it. In the week before starting work he borrowed a copy of Stroustrup from a friend of a friend and read it cover to cover. David has a strong interest in user experience, and improving what it’s like to use software and programming languages. He joined Embarcadero as the C++ Product Manager in 2016, and today works as the product manager for both C++Builder and Whole Tomato’s Visual Assist.


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