C++ Compile Time Parser Generator

Posted on Thursday, Jan 13, 2022
Rob and Jason are joined by Piotr Winter. They first talk about include guards vs pragma once, testing for constexpr and the preview of Catch v3. Then they talk to Piotr Winter about CTPG, the C++ Compile Time Parser Generator.

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Piotr Winter

Piotr Winter

Piotr started working as a C++ dev in 2005, working on a System Verilog compiler. Since 2010 he’s been working for Future Processing in Poland. He’s worked on many commercial projects since then, not always as a C++ developer. Piotr had a minor detour as a Fullstack .NET web developer (did not like it). Piotr was an organizers of a 24 hour competitive programming marathon: Deadline24, which was last held in 2018. His main interest as a C++ developer was always compilers and parsers, which eventually lead to the creation of ctpg.


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