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Posted on Wednesday, Jul 5, 2017
Rob and Jason are joined by Christopher Di Bella to talk about his experience teaching C++ and his proposed changes to Concepts.

Show Notes

Christopher Di Bella will soon be a Runtime Technology Engineer at Codeplay, and was previously university tutor (teaching assistant) for the course ‘Advanced C++ Programming’, at the University of New South Wales, Australia. He is an avid C++ programmer, and also enjoys film, board games, and snowboarding in his spare time.


Christopher Di Bella




Christopher Di Bella

Christopher Di Bella

Christopher is a Staff Software Engineer on the ComputeCpp Runtime for Codeplay Software and a co-founding member of SG20. He is passionate about teaching people how to write programs using idiomatic C++, and also advocates for developers to consider adopting algorithms and ranges. When not thinking about C++, Chris is often playing games, watching films, or trying something new.

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