Parallel Ranges

Posted on Thursday, Jul 26, 2018
Rob and Jason are joined by Christopher Di Bella to discuss using Ranges with Parallel algorithms and much more.

Show Notes

Christopher Di Bella is a Staff Software Engineer for Codeplay’s ComputeCpp Runtime Technology and a C++ teacher. He advocates for including the Concepts TS and the Ranges TS in C++20.

Chris spends his days working on ComputeCpp, Codeplay’s implementation of SYCL, a Khronos Standard for heterogeneous programming in C++; the Khronos implementation for the Parallel STL (using SYCL); and researching Parallel Ranges, which is an attempt to fuse ranges together with the parallel STL.

Chris was previously a software developer for Nasdaq, and a tutor for UNSW Sydney’s advanced C++ and compiler courses. In his spare time, Chris enjoys poking at things involving Ranges, snowboarding, playing games, and watching films.


Christopher Di Bella





Christopher Di Bella

Christopher Di Bella

Christopher is a Staff Software Engineer on the ComputeCpp Runtime for Codeplay Software and a co-founding member of SG20. He is passionate about teaching people how to write programs using idiomatic C++, and also advocates for developers to consider adopting algorithms and ranges. When not thinking about C++, Chris is often playing games, watching films, or trying something new.


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