Binary Exploits

Episode 333, published Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Marit Tokle and Christian Ressell join Rob and Jason. They first talk about a Y2K like bug that unexpectedly hit us in the new year. Then they talk about binary exploits, why they're still relevant, and a particular binary exploit that Marit and Christian demonstrated during their recent talk at NDC Techtown. They also talk about 'Capture The Flag' security competitions.

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Marit Tokle

Marit is a Senior Software Engineer working with secure development and application security at Sopra Steria Norway. She is engaged in the hacking community in Norway. Among other things, she is a ...

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Christian Ressell

Christian is a Security Engineer working with tracking and analyzing APT actors. He has previously worked with vulnerability research and malware analysis. He is a CTF player and regularly solves ...

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