Programming History, JIT Compilations and Generic Algorithms

Posted on Friday, Oct 23, 2020
Rob and Jason are joined by Ben Deane from Quantlab. They first discuss the 11.0 update of Clang and an a blog post highlighting some of the smaller features that were added in C++17. They then talk to Ben about some of his recent CppCon talks including one on what we can learn from the history of programming languages and another on the ability to JIT C++ code.


Ben Deane

Ben Deane

C++ wasn’t even among the first 10 languages that Ben learned on his programming journey, but it’s been the one that has paid the bills for the last 20-odd years. He spent most of that time in the games industry; many of the games he worked on used to be fondly remembered but now he’s accepted that they are probably mostly forgotten. These days he works in the finance industry writing high-frequency trading platforms in the most modern C++ that compilers can support.

In his spare time he watches a lot of YouTube’s educational sector, practices the Japanese art of tsundoku, reads about the history of programming, avoids doing DIY, and surprises his wife by waking in the middle of the night yelling, “of course, it’s a monad!” before going back to sleep and dreaming of algorithms.



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