Episode 269, published Friday, 16 Oct 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Lukács Berki and Julio Merino from Google's Bazel team. They discuss CppCon trip reports, the cpp subreddit and a video on C++ 20 Concepts. Then Lukács and Julio talk all about the advantages of Bazel and some of the key features of Google's open source build tool.

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Lukács Berki

After a number of diverse jobs with computers including Linux system administration and GPS navigation devices, Lukács has been working at Google in the Bazel team since 2009; in this decade, he h ...

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Julio Merino

Julio has been interested in build systems since the early 2000s. Such interest started with frustrations over autoconf and automake, and followed with amazement by what NetBSD and pkgsrc could ac ...

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