Latest Episode

Docker Development and Modernizing OOD

Posted on Thursday, Jan 27, 2022

Yacob Cohen-Arazi joins Rob and Jason. They first talk about the first ISO mailing of the year and some upcoming conference dates. Then they talk to Yacob about his experience building and running docker containers for C++ software development and his work updating code examples for an upcoming C++ Object Oriented book.

VS2015 and the Universal CRT

Posted on Monday, Aug 3, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by James McNellis to discuss new features for C++ developers in Visual Studio 2015 and changes made to the C runtime.


Posted on Thursday, Jul 23, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by Steve Klabnik to discuss the history of the Rust language and some of its key features.


Posted on Thursday, Jul 9, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by JF Bastien to discuss WebAssembly.

POCO Project

Posted on Thursday, Jul 2, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by Aleksandar Fabijanic to discuss the C++ Portable Components project. and Refactoring

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 24, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by Richard Thomson to discuss and C++ refactoring tools.

News Roundup

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 17, 2015

Rob and Jason discuss recent C++ news and events.