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Podcast News and Updates

Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2022

Rob and Jason discuss various news articles, libraries and announcements.

Visual Studio 2022

Posted on Thursday, Nov 4, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Sy Brand from Microsoft. They first talk about the recent CppCon conference, the hybrid format and some of their favorite talks. Then they talk to Sy about the upcoming Visual Studio 2022 release, what’s new in the IDE and new features and improvements for C++ developers.

C++23 ISO Progress

Posted on Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Bryce Adelstein Lelbach. They first talk about SonarLint analysis, and searching algorithm performance and an observation on compiler diversity. Then they talk to Bryce about the proposals that are heading for C++23, including major changes to the executor and networking proposals.

JIT Compilation and Exascale Computing

Posted on Thursday, Oct 21, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Hal Finkel from the US Department of Energy. They first talk to Hal about the LLVM 13 release and why the release notes were lacking. Then they talk to Hal about his C++ JIT Proposal, the Clang prototype and how it could be used. They also talk about Hal’s work at DOE, Exascale computing and more.

EVE - the Expressive Vector Engine

Posted on Thursday, Oct 14, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Joël Falcou and Denis Yaroshevskiy. They first talk about the 6.2 release of Qt and the range-based for loop bug that won’t be getting fixed in C++23. Then they talk to Joel and Denis about EVE, a C++20 SIMD library that evolved from Boost.SIMD.

Autonomous UAS

Posted on Thursday, Oct 7, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Brandon Duick and Billy Sisson from Exyn Technologies. They first discuss the upcoming CppCon hybrid conference and a new tuple library for C++20. Then they talk to Brandon and Billy about the autonomous UAS/Drone software they work on at Exyn Technologies.


Posted on Thursday, Sep 30, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Remi Coulom from Kayufu. They first discuss another blog posts about the ongoing ABI problems in C++ and another on common mistakes with comparison functions. Then they talk to Remi about Joedb, the Journal-Only Embedded Database.