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Hyperion Renderer

Posted on Thursday, Jul 9, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Yining Karl Li and David Adler from Disney Animation Studios. They first discuss C++ conformance changes in Visual Studio 2019. Then Karl and David talk about the Hyperion Renderer and more.

C++ on a Watch

Posted on Thursday, Feb 13, 2020

Brad started programming in BASIC when he was 9, primarily on the Apple IIe, transitioning to QBASIC in high school. He graduated from Kansas State University in 2005 with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Embedded Systems. While at K-State he enjoyed working on the solar car racing team, which built and raced a vehicle across the US and Canada. After graduating in 2005, Brad started work at Garmin, where he has worked on a variety of projects including Palm PDAs, Brew phone platforms,  Read More

Large Scale C++

Posted on Thursday, Feb 6, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by author John Lakos. They first talk about a funny C++ themed freestyle rap video commissioned by Victor Zverovich and a C++20 reference card produced by Bartlomiej Filipek. Then John discusses his new book, Large Scale C++ Volume I: Process and Architecture. In addition to discussing the book John shares some of his thoughts on allocators, modules, move semantics and contracts.


Posted on Thursday, Jan 30, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Vadim Zeitlin one of the maintainers of WxWidgets. They first talk about a blog post describing a fantastic bug and another responding to the changes announced by Qt. Then Vadim tells them about how he got involved contributing to WxWidgets, the cross platform C++ GUI library.


Posted on Thursday, Jan 23, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Sean Baxter. They first talk about a blog post and some papers headed for the upcoming ISO meeting in Prague. Then they discuss Circle, the compiler and language extension for C++17.

Conference Organizing

Posted on Thursday, Jan 16, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Phil Nash, Adi Shavit and Fred Tingaud. They talk with the three meetup and conference organizers about their motivations for launching new C++ conferences last year and discuss some of the work involved in doing so.