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Posted on Friday, Apr 16, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by David Millington from Embarcadero. They first discuss a blog post on Thread Sanitizer and a very unique implementation of unique_ptr. Then they talk to David Millington from Embarcadero about C++ Builder, it’s history and the state of the tool today. Including some of its extensions built into their version of Clang.

Rob and Jason are joined by Ben Deane from Quantlab. They first discuss the 11.0 update of Clang and an a blog post highlighting some of the smaller features that were added in C++17. They then talk to Ben about some of his recent CppCon talks including one on what we can learn from the history of programming languages and another on the ability to JIT C++ code.


Posted on Friday, Oct 16, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Lukács Berki and Julio Merino from Google’s Bazel team. They discuss CppCon trip reports, the cpp subreddit and a video on C++ 20 Concepts. Then Lukács and Julio talk all about the advantages of Bazel and some of the key features of Google’s open source build tool.

Meeting C++ 2020

Posted on Friday, Oct 9, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Jens Weller from Meeting C++. They discuss a blog post on Immediately Invoked Function Expressions, a syntactic sugar library and JeanHeyd Meneid’s blog and video about the C++ Community. Then they talk with Jens about the upcoming Meeting C++ conference, on line user groups and job fairs and more.

Performance Matters

Posted on Thursday, Oct 1, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Emery Berger from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. They first discuss updates to GCC and the September ISO mailing. Then they talk to Emery Berger about Performance tooling and how improvements in Performance should be measured.

CppCon 2020 Wrapup

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Jon Kalb. They talk about the first on-line CppCon conference and plans for the future.

Microsoft Announcements at CppCon 2020

Posted on Thursday, Sep 17, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Julia Reid, Sy Brand and Augustin Popa from Microsoft. They talk about the virtual CppCon, favorite talks and the virtual conference experience. Then they talk about some of the announcements being made by the Microsoft Visual C++ team during the CppCon conference talks.