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The C++ ABI

Posted on Thursday, Nov 21, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Titus Winters from Google. They first discuss some news of C++ tools, including Sourcetrail going open source and C++ Build Insights for Visual Studio. Then Titus goes into what the C++ ABI is, what breaking the ABI means, and whether or not we should consider breaking the ABI in future versions of C++. Titus also shares some a preview of his upcoming book ‘Software Engineering at Google.’

POCO Project

Posted on Thursday, Jul 2, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by Aleksandar Fabijanic to discuss the C++ Portable Components project. and Refactoring

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 24, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by Richard Thomson to discuss and C++ refactoring tools.

News Roundup

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 17, 2015

Rob and Jason discuss recent C++ news and events.

C++11/14 Library Best Practices

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by Niall Douglas to discuss best practices for C++ 1114 libraries.

Better Code Concurrency

Posted on Monday, Jun 1, 2015

Rob and Jason are joined by Sean Parent to talk about his recent C++Now! talk where he presented a new futures library.