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Posted on Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Alessandro Pignotti. They first talk about a linker project, a better assert for constexpr code. Then they talk about Cheerp, LeaningTech’s C++ WebAssembly compiler, how it differs from emscripten, Cheerp optimizations and some of LeaningTech’s other Cheerp products.


Posted on Thursday, Sep 10, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by David Olsen from NVIDIA. They first discuss the news from the ISO Committee that C++20 has been approved and work on C++23 will continue virtually. Then they talk with David about his work on NVIDIA’s C++ compiler to run parallel algorithm code on the GPU and a proposal he’s working on to introduce 16-bit floats to standard C++.

Unit Testing

Posted on Thursday, Sep 3, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Oleg Rabaev. They first discuss some papers from the latest ISO mailing and a new feature in Microsoft’s vcperf tool. Then they talk to Oleg Rabaev about Unit Testing methodologies and why it’s important to write testable code.

Cross Platform Mobile Telephony

Posted on Thursday, Aug 27, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Dave Hagedorn. They first discuss a blog post from JeanHeyd Meneide on exception free containers. Then they talk to Dave Hagedorn from TextNow about his teams efforts to transition an existing iOS/Android app to using a cross platform C++ library.


Posted on Thursday, Aug 20, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Basit Ayantunde. They first discuss a blog post on plain old data types and Visual Studio’s Address Sanitizer support. Then they talk to Basit about the STX library.

Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners

Posted on Thursday, Aug 13, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Slobodan Dmitrović. They first discuss a new C++ compiler from NVIDIA to compile conformant C++ code to GPUs. Then they talk to Slobodan about his book: Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners.


Posted on Thursday, Aug 6, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Ian Lance Taylor from Google. They first discuss an announcement from Conan and a blog post about embedding files into C++ applications using string literals. Then they talk to Ian Lance Taylor about the Go programming language.