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Podcast News and Updates

Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2022

Rob and Jason discuss various news articles, libraries and announcements.

New Years 2022

Posted on Friday, Dec 31, 2021

Rob and Jason discuss various news articles, libraries and announcements on the last episode of 2021 before the new year.

Distributing C++ Modules

Posted on Thursday, Dec 16, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Daniel Ruoso and Bret Brown from Bloomberg. They first talk about Jason’s new Object Lifetime Puzzle book and a blost post from Kevlin Henney on Agile processes. Then they talk to Daniel and Bret about their research into using Modules at Bloomberg, and some of the changes still needed from compilers and build systems to use Modules in large scale software development.

Beautiful C++

Posted on Thursday, Dec 9, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Kate Gregory and Guy Davidson. They first talk about a free online game development course and updates to CLion. Then they talk to Kate and Guy about their upcoming book: Beautiful C++: 30 Core Guidelines for Writing Clean, Safe, and Fast Code.

Software Architecture with C++

Posted on Thursday, Dec 2, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Adrian Ostrowski and Piotr Gaczowki. They first talk about profiling tools and reverse iterators. Then they talk to Adrian and Piotr about their book on C++ Software Architecture, and what all C++ developers can learn from it.

Mdspan and Too Cute C++ Tricks

Posted on Thursday, Nov 25, 2021

Rob and Conor are joined by Daisy Hollman. They first talk about C++23’s approaching feature freeze including Daisy’s work on the mdspan proposal. Then they talk to Daisy about her recent ‘too cute’ CppCon talk and whether you should be writing cute code in production.

Deducing This

Posted on Thursday, Nov 11, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Gašper Ažman. They first talk about some resources for learning C++ and learning how to work on the LLVM compiler. Then they talk to Gašper about the Deducing This feature coming to C++23, how the feature worked its way through the ISO committee and what it will change.