Latest Episode

Concepts and Algorithm Intuition

Posted on Thursday, Nov 19, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Conor Hoekstra. They first talk about new and updated libraries in Boost and Herb Sutter’s trip report covering news from the recent virtual ISO plenary meeting where the first new features were voted into C++23. Then they talk to Conor about some of his recent conference talks on Algorithm Intuition and Concepts vs typeclasses.

Hyperion Renderer

Posted on Thursday, Jul 9, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Yining Karl Li and David Adler from Disney Animation Studios. They first discuss C++ conformance changes in Visual Studio 2019. Then Karl and David talk about the Hyperion Renderer and more.

SYCL 2020

Posted on Thursday, Jul 2, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Michael Wong from CodePlay. They first discuss GCC 11 changing its default dialect to C++17 and polymorphic allocators. Then Michael shares an announcement of a new version of SYCL that was just released. And shares information about the multiple standards groups he is a member or chair of.

Azure IoT

Posted on Thursday, Jun 25, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Tara Walker from Microsoft. They first discuss the results of JetBrains C++ ecosystem survey and an article about bugs in Command & Conquer. Then Tara tells Rob and Jason all about Azure IoT, including the announcement of a new C++ SDK for embedded MCUs.

Modules Present and Future

Posted on Thursday, Jun 18, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Gabriel Dos Reis from Microsoft. They first discuss the recent articles about Microsoft switching from C++ to Rust and let Gaby set the record straight. Then Gaby talks about the final state of Modules, how Microsoft is using them internally, and Gaby’s plans for the future of Modules and much more.

Web Assembly

Posted on Thursday, Jun 11, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Ben Smith from Google, chair of the Web Assembly working group. They first discuss a blog post on how to ask for C++ coding help, conference news and a discussion on C++ IDEs and tools. Then Ben talks to them about the current state of Web Assembly, the future and alternative uses for Web Assembly like Virtual Machines and Emulators.

Move Semantics

Posted on Thursday, Jun 4, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by author and ISO committee member Nico Josuttis. They first discuss a blog post on faster integer parsing and CppCon registration opening up. Then they talk to Nico about the book he is currently finishing on C++ Move Semantics and other books he’s written in the past. They also discuss proposals that Nico has worked on for the ISO committee.