Latest Episode

CoreCpp 2021

Posted on Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Amir Kirsh and Avi Lachmish from Incredibuild. They first discuss Idle, a new C++ framework, the September ISO mailing and an Algorithm Intuition Chart. Then they talk to Amir and Avi about the recent CoreCpp conference, Bjarne’s keynote and other talks from the conference.

Regression Testing with Touca

Posted on Friday, Jun 25, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Pejman Ghorbanzade. They first talk about changes to the format library to enable better compile time errors, and some conference news from CppCon, C++ on Sea and NDC TechTown. Then they talk to Pejman about Touca, a new tool he’s created for continuous regression testing.

Modernizing DOSBox

Posted on Friday, Jun 18, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Patryk Obara. They first talk about in Visual Studio 2019 and a Trip Report from Herb Sutter on the Summer ISO meeting. Then they talk to Patryk Obara about the dosbox project itself and the dosbox staging repository where he’s been working to modernize dosbox.


Posted on Friday, Jun 11, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Darrell Wright. They first talk about a gameboy emulator written by Ben Smith and a new regression testing tool. Then they talk to Darrell Wright about DAW JSON Link, his JSON serialization library.

Incredibuild in the Cloud

Posted on Friday, Jun 4, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Dana Rochman and Amir Kirsh from Incredibuild. They first discuss conference news and a blog post from Andreas Kling. Then they talk to Dana and Amir about the latest from Incredibuild, including new support for accelerating builds in the cloud, and build caching.


Posted on Friday, May 28, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Todd Gamblin and Greg Becker. They first discuss a documentation tool, a blog post about floating point numbers, and yet another post about ABI changes. Then they talk to Todd and Greg from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) who both work on Spack, the popular open source package manager aimed at HPC.

ABI Stability

Posted on Friday, May 21, 2021

Rob and Jason are joined by Marshall Clow. They first discuss some bugs Microsoft found using ASAN in open source projects, and new libraries. Then they talk to Marshall Clow, longtime maintainer of libc++, on his perspective on the C++ ABI, and why stability is important.