Latest Episode


Posted on Thursday, Jan 23, 2020

Rob and Jason are joined by Sean Baxter. They first talk about a blog post and some papers headed for the upcoming ISO meeting in Prague. Then they discuss Circle, the compiler and language extension for C++17.

Becoming involved with the C++ committee

Posted on Thursday, Oct 24, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Nevin Liber from Argonne National Lab. They first discuss a blog post discussing issues implementing small buffer optimizations in a constexpr context. Then they talk with Nevin about how he got involved with the ISO C++ committee and some of the proposals he’s worked on.

Election Security

Posted on Thursday, Oct 17, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Patricia Aas from TurtleSec. They first discuss blog posts on module linkage and Visual Studio integration of clang tidy. Patricia then talks about her recent efforts to highlight the work of female engineer role models. Lastly they discuss Patricia’s efforts to improve election security in her own country and the concept of software independence with election software.

Commodore 64 and Tilt Five AR

Posted on Thursday, Oct 10, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Jeri Ellsworth the CEO of Tilt Five. Jeri and Jason first geek out about the Commodore 64 with Jeri telling her story of building the C64 Direct-to-TV. Then she tells us about her new companies product the Tilt Five AR headset which is built with the tabletop gamer in mind and has SDKs for C++ and Unity.

Vehicle Control Software

Posted on Thursday, Oct 3, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Philipp Schrader. They first discuss some post CppCon news and the LLVM 9.0 release. Then Phil talks about the work he’s doing at Peloton Technology to enable the ‘platooning’ of trucks with software written in C++.

Visual C++ Announcements at CppCon 2019

Posted on Thursday, Sep 26, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Marian Luparu, Sy Brand and Stephan T Lavavej in this special episode recorded at CppCon. They discuss some of the big announcements made by the Visual C++ team at CppCon. Including the open sourcing of MSVC’s STL, adding ASAN support to Visual Studio, C++17 conformance and much more.