Latest Episode

The C++ ABI

Posted on Thursday, Nov 21, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Titus Winters from Google. They first discuss some news of C++ tools, including Sourcetrail going open source and C++ Build Insights for Visual Studio. Then Titus goes into what the C++ ABI is, what breaking the ABI means, and whether or not we should consider breaking the ABI in future versions of C++. Titus also shares some a preview of his upcoming book ‘Software Engineering at Google.’

Professional CMake

Posted on Thursday, Sep 5, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Craig Scott. They first discuss a recent blog post from PVS-Studio analyzing some bugs in CMake. Then Craig talks about how he got involved in CMake development, and his e-book ‘Professional CMake: A Practical Guide.’

C++ Epochs

Posted on Thursday, Aug 29, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Vittorio Romeo from Bloomberg. They first discuss some changes in the recent Visual Studio update for cross platform linux development, and some post-Cologne ISO developments. Then Vittorio goes into more detail on his proposal for C++ epochs, which could allow the language to more easily introduce breaking changes in the future.

AWS Lambda

Posted on Thursday, Aug 22, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Marco Magdy from Amazon. They first discuss Dropbox’s announcement of abandoning their C++ mobile platform strategy in favor of Swift and Kotlin. Then Marco goes over what AWS Lambda is, what you can do with it and some of the challenges he faced bringing C++ support to AWS Lambda.

mdspan and /r/cpp

Posted on Thursday, Aug 15, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Bryce Adelstein Lelbach from NVIDIA. They discuss the mdspan proposal that first introduced Bryce to the C++ ISO committee. They also review Bryce’s role as moderator for the /r/cpp subreddit and talk about the upcoming CppCon 2019 conference.

Secure Coding

Posted on Thursday, Aug 8, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Matt Butler to discuss his perspective on the ISO Cologne meeting and Secure Coding.