Latest Episode

Cache Friendliness

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 4, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Björn Fahller. They first discuss articles on the C++ ABI and a blog post on performance analysis. Then Björn talks about cache friendliness, C++ contracts and type safety.

Linear Algebra and Audio

Posted on Thursday, Apr 11, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Guy Davidson to talk about his work with the ISO C++ committee including proposals for a linear algebra library and audio api.

Boden Cross-Platform Framework

Posted on Thursday, Apr 4, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Marcus Tillmanns and Tobias Lensing to talk about the Boden Cross-Platform Framework.

Reverse Engineering C++

Posted on Thursday, Mar 28, 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Gal Zaban to talk about Reverse Engineering C++.

Visual C++ Updates

Posted on Thursday, Mar 21, 2019

Rob talks to several members of the Visual C++ team about both Visual Studio Code and the upcoming Visual Studio 2019 release and more.

News Roundup

Posted on Friday, Mar 15, 2019

Rob and Jason catch up on some news at the end of a week of traveling.