Show Notes

Fred Tingaud is a Principal Software Engineer at Murex where he maintains the C++ UI and front-end APIs. He is also the creator of, co-organizer of CPPP conference, co-host of Paris C++ Meetup and an organizer of #include<C++> . His interests range from code efficiency and readability to UI ergonomics.

Computer Science Engineer, PhD, Associate professor at University Paris Saclay, Joël Falcou is the creator and president of C++FrUG, C++ Meetup host and an International speaker. Joel has been actively participating in the C++ international community with more than 7 years of international talks at BoostCon, C++Now, C++Russia, C++Con and Meeting-C++. He is also a member of the C++Now and CppCon Program Committee. He is a member of the French National Body of the ISO Standard Committee for C++ since 2014.


Fred Tingaud

Joël Falcou



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